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Connecting employers, staff and fitness partners

Fitness Passport is a corporate health and fitness program providing its members and their whānau with access to a wide choice of fitness facilities close to their home and work.

We are driven by a purpose to help people lead a healthy and an active lifestyle through a service representing excellent value and convenience.

Fitness Passport has been working in close collaboration with employers and fitness partners since 2006. Through our successful and rewarding partnerships, our network has grown to over 1,700 fitness facilities across Australia and NZ.

Find answers to questions that you may have about your membership or participation in the program on our FAQ page.

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It has been used by our whole family! My daughter uses the aquatic centre three times per week and we use it as a family weekly. Now my husband has no excuse not to try the gym as it's all included! Feels like a free activity! Great value and great this is available to us nurses!

Maryan BHealth Member

Fitness passport is a great idea, we get together as a work team and go to the nearest facility and do classes together after work which is really fun and helps with motivation. We are currently encouraging other team members to get the passport as it’s a great way to support each other keeping fit, especially as we all do office work that involves sitting either in the office or the car.

Sharon DFACS Government, Member

Deciding to make a lifestyle change at a mature age was difficult, but having the variety of facilities to access with the Fitness Passport has given me so many options I have no excuse!

Julia PDepartment of Education, Member

I joined fitness passport as part of my goal to improve my health, look and feel better, and have more energy to keep up with my kids. Along with diet change, the exercise I've started doing has helped me lose just short of 30kg so far. It's improved my mental health and helped me cope with the everyday stresses of life. Fitness Passport makes it cheaper for me to take my kids swimming and is considerably cheaper than joining a gym AND paying for a season swim pass.

Kate ODepartment of Planning, Member

I am recovering after a multi trauma accident and I use the gym almost every day. Using a mix of the equipment, classes, pool and spa really helped as part of my rehabilitation and pain management. The fitness passport makes this affordable, thank you.

Elizabeth RHealth Member